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Global Security Campaign Manager

Campaign Management puts you in charge of successful global security campaigns.

Empowering Evidence Management

Enabling evidential test purchase campaigns, and ad-hoc evidence management. It allows the gathering of Accurate Evidencea comprehensive end to end system which replaces property and exhibit books and multiple spreadsheets with a fully searchable central evidence digital library.


Actionable Data

Evidence Manager allows the user to view dashboards portraying statistics and trends from one or more investigation.

Secure by Design

Our developers follow the OWASP security standards as standard. Our servers are regularly scanned to ensure PCI DSS compliance. Even though we don’t do any payment processing.

High Availability

Evidence Manager is cloud based and installed with partners who provide ISO 27017 compliant cloud hosting, with hot-failover, high availability. With multiple-datacentres and 2 hour full snapshot backups, our applications are cutting edge.

Accessible Anywhere

Our cloud-based technology uses no browser plugins, frameworks or proprietary-technology and can be accessed on any web-enabled device.

Digitally De-Risk

Our technology makes Investigators, Intelligence Analysts & Lawyers follow legal best practice. Using our Write-Once Block Chain-like technology to ensure that evidential data can never be tampered with.

Drag and Drop File Management

Store, organise, preview, search and share files securely and safely with powerful permissions and integrated metadata analytics.
2016 Anti-Counterfeiting Technology of the Year

“The most successful new platform for anti-counterfeiting evidence capture, management and enforcement”
Global Anti-Counterfeiting Award for Technology 2016 Winner
Read more in our Press Release

Evidence Manager Features

Discover how Custodian’s innovative solutions can solve intractable anti-counterfeiting problems.

Powerful Actionable Information

Get the Information you really need to demonstrate the success of your Anti-Counterfeiting & brand protection programmes.

Effective File Management

Simple but effective secure Drag and Drop file management. Our file management includes powerful permissions, reverse image search and metadata analysis tools.

Legal Case Manager

Increase your ROI. Our litigation dynamic decision support tools can optimise your on-going cases to improve effectiveness
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