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Legal Case Manager

Connecting legal teams and investigators to streamline decision making.

“We were genuinely surprised by our ability to pursue more cases successfully.”

Brand Protection Manager - FTSE 100

Leading Litigation Management

Legal Case Manager allows you to classify, identify and prioritise your legal cases. The unique scoring algorithm that is applied to evidence produces justifiable and cost-effective legal cases.


Weight of Evidence

Legal Case Manager amalgamates and calculates the strength of all linked evidence. Using bespoke algorithms our platform scores and prioritises the information held with your evidence management system.

Streamline Communication

Removes barriers of communication between legal teams and investigators. Creates an environment that promotes effective and co-operative working practises.

Justification & Prioritisation

Removing the guesswork around case identification, Legal Case Manager supports independent and justifiable decision making.

Legal Doc. Creation

Legal Case Manager uses information held in your evidence management software to pre-populate legal forms. Thereby reducing repetition and related legal costs.

Cost Control

Earlier integration of legal teams and investigators allows for identification of the most cost effective cases. This unified view of weighted information maximises return on investment.

Secure Systems

Legal systems are a target of cyber-intrusions. Our platform has security as its key focus. We have A+ encryption at every level, Cyber Essentials Plus and we use ISO 27017 secured datacentres.
ISO/IEC 27017:2015 - Security Controls for Cloud Services - A Code of practice for information security controls based on ISO/IEC 27002 for cloud services
Legal Case Manager Features

Discover how Custodian’s Legal Case Manager lets you take control of your legal case portfolio.

Powerful Actionable Data

Get the information you really need to demonstrate the success of your legal portfolio.

Effective File Management

Simple but effective secure Drag and Drop file management. Our file management includes powerful permissions and metadata analysis tools.

Legal Case Manager

Legal Case Manager allows the user to view dashboards, show statistics and trends across legal cases
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