Locate the Island of Truth in Custodian's Cloud

The Island of Truth is a lost isle reputed to emerge from the clouds for only one day every 7 years. Charted on medieval maps from 1325 by numerous explorers, it is said to lay South West of Galway and was described as a gold-domed land of highly advanced civilisation, wellbeing and security.

Your brand is your company’s wellbeing and security. Custodian’s cloud provides advanced security for all of your brand protection evidence and investigations. Protect your Islands of Truth in our Cloud.

“The most successful new platform for anti-counterfeiting evidence capture, management and enforcement”
Global Anti-Counterfeiting Award for Technology 2016 Winner

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Brands are vulnerable and investigations can be complex. Preserving the chain of custody can be a challenge. Custodian Solutions help businesses and public agencies to record vital information, track progress, and provide analytical reporting using advanced cloud technology.

Integrated brand protection

We have the experience and technology to help you protect your brands from counterfeiting and protect your business from insecure and incomplete evidence.

Unique custom-designed systems

Custodian has developed a suite of products in collaboration with large corporates, academics and technology specialists which can help you integrate and optimise your end-to-end efforts to protect your brand.